Kids to the Coast was founded as a non-profit organization that takes deserving Triad Kids on a trip to visit the coast and see the ocean for the very first time.  Children from local agencies, such as the Salvation Army’s Boys & Girls Club, will experience the coast for 3 days and 2 nights and will learn about marine life, conservation, and leadership.  The kids will also participate in a fun activity and a Sunday morning devotional.  This experience will enrich their lives and create lasting memories.   

Contributors and Volunteers alike give their time, talents and resources to help these kids experience the coast for the very first time.  Please help provide an experience that many of us take for granted by volunteering or Donating Today.   


Our Board of Directors:


President – David Murphy, Co-Founder

Secretary - Paula Murphy, Co-Founder

Treasurer – Mark Murphy, Co-Founder

VP of Events - Melanie Murphy, Co-Founder

VP of Fundraising – Michelle Murphy, Co-Founder

VP of Marketing - Montana Murphy, Co-Founder

Board Member - Diana Wilson

Board Member - Ike Oglesby


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Kids To The Coast

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